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He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion” unknown

French Bulldog Purchase/Deposit Policy/Guarantee

Please see upcoming litters to see who is expecting.

Wanting to get on our puppy waiting list to get the news first of the litters born? We accept a 500.00 deposit to be on our list.

Not on the list but see the pup of your dreams?   


WE WILL HOLD THAT PUPPY FOR 10 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF RECEIPT OF THE DEPOSIT or until the pup is 8 weeks Payment in full FOR PUPPY and shipping /delivery is due by the pups 8 week birthdate, or before shipping or pick up date, whichever comes first. No shipping arrangements are made before payment in full is confirmed. 

 THE INITIAL DEPOSIT CAN BE MADE IN PERSON, ONLINE OR YOU CAN SEND PAYMENT IN FULL VIA US POSTAL MONEY ORDER. We prefer, if not in person, you send next day with a tracking number if you want us to hold the puppy.  IF FOR ANY REASON, WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CLEARED FINAL PAYMENT WITHIN THE 10 DAYS OR when the pups reaches 8 weeks old, THE PUPPY BECOMES "AVAILABLE " AGAIN. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE,and the first 500.00 of Paid in full sales are non-refundable, UNLESS SOMETHING HAPPENS TO YOUR PUP WHILE IN OUR POSSESSION. 

We do have Payment Plans available on some animals, but this must be discussed and agreed to in writing, PRIOR to sending your NON- Refundable deposit.



AFTER speaking to us regarding the puppy that you are interested in, and have read and agree to the Pet lingo, you may contact us to place a deposit!

2020 Who's up next?


1. Zephyr and Elly are scheduled to have July babies. This will be Elly's first litter, so we are excited! 


psst......EVERYTHING BELOW IS ALREADY SOLD - just showing off past pups


                                   Psst...I think there is an imposter amongst us.......................

Nov 26th, 2018 - ALL Adopted!

A much awaited repeat breeding of Candy & Deuce.  We are truly excited as this last litter was absolutely gorgeous! 
If you would like to place a deposit on this litter, please contact us and place your deposit above.
Prices will be as follows.

ALL are spoken for

1 - Black & white pied boy - Adopted
1 - Red Tri-Pied boy - Adopted
1 - Blue Fawn Boy #2- Adopted
1 - Blue Fawn Boys #3 - Adopted
1 - Blue Fawn Boy #1 - Adopted
1 - Blue Pied Girl - Adopted

These prices do not include blue eyed puppies.

Breeding rights are an additional price, so if interested in breeding, please inquire for price. 

Our Pet Frenchie Guarantee

* Our puppies are sold with a 72 hr guarantee against communicable disease that is life threatening. This guarantee starts on the day of arrival to Purchaser. We suggest taking your new dog to the vet upon receipt.
The buyer guarantees that he/she will take the puppy to the vet for an initial check up within 72 hrs of receipt and report any problems immediately with documentation to the Seller. The puppy is guaranteed until it's 2nd birthday against congenital defects resulting in the death of the puppy. No other conditions are covered.
• This guarantee is non-transferable.
• This guarantee is forfeited by purchaser if puppy is fed a high protein - low carb diet
which causes liver enzyme increases and kidney problems.
• All veterinarian expenses are the sole responsibility of the Purchaser and will not be paid
by the Breeder. As soon as the puppy is delivered all care expenses become the
responsibility of the Purchaser.
• All sales are final and no cash refunds will be issued, except (first 72 hrs if communicable disease that is life threatening is found by your vet and puppy is returned) Breeder offers replacement puppy only, after that.
• Purchaser is responsible for paying for any and all diagnostic tests or necropsy in the
event of illness or death of the puppy. A necropsy by a licensed veterinarian will need to be performed to make a claim of death, necropsy results will need to be forwarded to the Breeder and the Breeder's veterinarian for examination before replacement puppy is sent.
Breeder's veterinarian reserves the right to have consultation with Purchaser's veterinarian if deemed necessary.
All registration (if any) must be signed and returned to Breeder before replacement puppy is sent.
We will not be responsible for you or your vet OVER vaccinating your puppy.
*Any physical problem which is or could be the result of injury is not covered under this guarantee.
*There are no guarantees for puppies sold to kennels, brokers or dog related businesses that have misrepresented themselves as show or family pet homes, at any time.
*If the buyer ever needs or wants to find the puppy a new home, buyer must give this seller the first option to buy the puppy back at the original sale price or less. Under no circumstances will this puppy/dog ever be surrendered to a shelter or put to sleep without first consenting with the seller.
This agreement is not transferable.
*We will gladly advise or coach the new owner in easy cures for many problems that can arise if the owner takes time to contact us and inquire. Raising a puppy is very similar to raising a child. We will not be responsible for the new owners “inability to respond” to the needs of their new puppy.
*The replacement puppy will be agreed upon from both parties. It will be replaced by a puppy of the same value in which the color plays a factor. No guarantee when the puppy can be replaced for we are not a big breeder and do not have puppies on hand at all times but would replace the puppy as soon as we can. The shipping of the original puppy upon return is the expense of the buyer. If buyer chooses to keep the dog at his/her own expense, buyer takes all responsibility in the care of the dog, vet expenses.
*If the owner has any surgery on the dog or has the dog altered in any way without permission except for neutering and spaying within this guarantee, this health guarantee becomes null and void.
*If the puppy is placed elsewhere than the address listed above, the health guarantee is void.
*We are not responsible for any of your veterinarian bills at any time.
* Puppies sold and priced as Pet Only, are sold with no registration, unless otherwise discussed in writing and agreed upon by the Breeder.   Both parties agree that the puppies will either be altered before the buyer gets their puppy if vet determines the pup qualifies, or the puppy must be altered by the puppies 8 month birthday.  You are required to send proof of alter to us DIRECTLY from your Vet office (can be via email) with your puppies Microchip number, physical description, Date and details of procedure.  If buyer does not comply both parties agree that the buyer will pay all expenses involved in repossessing the puppy or collecting the 1000.00 breech of contract fee, and all health guarantees are void.
• Health Guarantees are null and void if puppy is bred at any time.
*This contract must be signed and returned within 24 hrs of receipt, or it is understood by both parties that any and all health guarantees are void.
*Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully, and that this sale and contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Missouri, in the county of Laclede.

Health Record and health certificate are provided with delivery of puppy.

Candy & Duece puppies born Oct 9, 2017 - all adopted

Retro & Duece puppies born Aug 15, 2017 - all Adopted

Retro is a gorgeous small red fawn, and Deuce is our Blue Eyed, platinum blue .
Another exciting litter !

Link to the Litter Pictures are Here

Puppies born June 19th, 2017! All Spoken for

1. Be-Bop (She is Blue no brindle)   & Duece (Blue Eyed Platinum Blue)-
Both are pictured on my adult page.


Link to pictures of this gorgeous litter

Bonnie & Duece puppies born 12-8-2016

Deuce (White but genetically Blue with Blue eyes) & Bonnie (Red Tri-pied, blue carrier) a

PUPPY Pictures are HERE - so click here!

Lincoln & Rocket babies - ALL Sold

Lincoln & Red Hot Babies Born Dec 4th - ALL Sold

Sorry - these pups have all gone to their new homes!

To see this beautiful litter please visit this link

Born Dec 29th, 2014 - ALL Sold

More Pictures & Videos here (new pictures/videos posted 03/19/15)


This boy is a chunk, just like daddy!   Red Tri-pied boy

ALL Sold



Past Maybelline & Duece babies




  Bebop lives here!






AKC Big Time Frenchies Past Pups








Merc & Lincoln Blue & white girl born Sept 1 - staying here

    Video on video page









Everything Shown Below is Sold or is staying.

This litter is All Sold









Merc & Elvis Pups




  Gorgeous Blue Female


Duece - not for sale - also pictured on my adult page now...

Merc & Elvis Baby blues





     Ahh....that feels soooo good!
                              And now I lay me down to sleep........









  "Don't forget my good side!"



Big Time must say goodbye to a good friend and family member.


Darla as a pup.  She is also shown below playing with pups acting as an aunt. 

It kills us to announce the passing of our friend. Darla was a 20 month old Frenchie who lost her bout with cancer on Christmas eve.  Her heart and lungs were covered in cancerous nodules, so badly that she could no longer breathe.   

Thankfully, Darla never got the opportunity to become a mother, but she loved playing with pups and was a big lover to all around her.  She would have been a great momma.  We are posting this to enlighten those of you interested in Frenchies so you will be well aware of the issues and health concerns involved in raising Frenchies. .

 She was purchased from Daniel LaPorte and Glenda Beavers from Tsa-La-Gi Yorkies of Tahlequah, OK. We did contact Glenda by phone and she said she would give Daniel the message but gave us no way to reach him personally.  We have not heard from either since.

  Thank you to everyone who has responded and offered their condolences and given their personal experience as well.